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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Join Geometry Secrets

This is an interesting little trick that I've taken for granted for some time now and didn't realise a lot of people weren't aware of it.

If two adjacent walls are within say 25mm of each other and you use join geometry between the two walls (they don't even need to touch) the two walls inherit the openings of the other.

This is very handy when you are forced to model finish layers separetly in some situations. Saves you doing the unthinkable and using the evil "edit profile" option...



Unknown said...

Hi, I'm Max from Milan.
Yes,it works, but only if the "hole" in the host is obtained with the command "opening" an not using subtraction solids. In this case you have to make them stick out from the host the necessary distance to join the outer surface. I usually build my windows an doors families in this way when the opening command is not enough for my goals.

Chris said...

Hi Max,

Yes that's correct, I should have mentioned that hosted families that use voids to create the opening do not function in the same way and instead are more manual...

Thanks for mentioning this.

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

I know that it's probably too long of an explanation to ask for, but I am a little curious about why editting profiles is "evil". I've run into problem with it in the past, but keep on using it. Do you just use attaching and openings to get the shapes you need?

Chris said...


My apologies for the slackness of responses. I've recently moved and have no internet at the moment and have been on leave.

I thought I'd already mentioned this in the thread, but the main reasons are negative perfomance hits and nightmare wall joins. The other methods don't effect these so much and are also easier to change and manipulate.

There are definitely times when there is no other option, but I always explore the alternatives first.