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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Xrev Revit API Tools

Great News!

Our new Xrev website goes live next week.


it will also be accessible from www.cadway.com.au

Checkout Xrev Transmit! Our Revit issuing tool to take the pain out of issuing drawings whether it be hard copies, digital copies or both, as well as managing your transmittals... LEVERAGE ALL THAT INFORMATION IN YOUR REVIT MODEL for generating the transmittal rather than having to reproduce it in your file names and transmittal documents...

Soon to follow are:

Xrev Sheets
Xrev Transmit PRO

Making a completely parametric mobile crane - Final

Hi Everyone,

Again, sincere apologies for the delay in updates.  Please watch the below 3 videos for the final explanation of how I went about making this family.  Comments always welcome and any recommendations for what people what me to show next.