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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Revit Technology Conference USA & Australia - June / May

For those of you that I interested I'll be running 3 classes at the above events.

  1. Architectural Advanced Families (LAB)
  2. Structural Advanced Families (LAB)
  3. One Model (Revit Server, Worksharing API, Bluestreak, Security - Is it possible yet?)
I was really hoping to have the content of the Labs be directly based from the attendees requests.  However, so far the response has been far from overwhelming.  Especially considering that the Labs at the Australian event are sold out and wouldn't be surprised if the USA event isn't too far behind...

I'd really like the attendees to feel as though they've not only learnt something at the lab, but also to go away with something useful in terms of family content that they can use in their firms...

I plan on writing the 5 or so hours of training content over the Easter break so if you do have some suggestions please post your comments below!!  Remember, this is advanced some I'm going to touch some tricky topics including:
  • Referencing Parameters
  • Nesting
  • Arrays
  • Adaptive Components (depending on the suggestions)
  • Family Type parameters
  • Formulas (Conditional, Mathematical, Rounding, Trig etc.)
  • Type Catalogues
  • Shared Families
  • Nested Detail Components
  • Detail Level Control
  • Best Practice
  • Reference Planes / Lines / Points
I'm still contemplating whether I take the approach of setting up a bunch of half complete families and then we just tackle the tricky parts, or whether we go through the entire process of creating an advanced family from start to finish?

Otherwise I'll just pick some complicated stuff at random and hope that the bulk of people find the content useful.

BTW, I also believe that the Australian & New Zealand Revit Standards (ANZRS) for family creation are going to be released at this years event.  I've reviewed it and it is an excellent set of guidelines for creating families that will work with all disciplines and standardise online content if adopted by Autodesk Seek as well...