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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Revit Technology Conference 2007

Hey Reviteers,

I hope those of you who have been to the RTC07 roadshow have found at least some of it beneficial?

Feel free to post your comments...

I've just got back from the Auckland Conference which went very well apart from a minor hardware glitch on one of the laptops (the video card kicked the bucket during a hot swap). On a whole and from speaking to a few of the attendees I feel it is running well and people are getting something out of it.

I've learned a couple of nifty little tricks myself! I especially liked Chris Needham's awakening of the Scope boxes which I've never really used. I had no idea they had that many uses.

During the roadshow I've had a couple of requests for tutorials/families to be uploaded.

So far they have been the "generic wall hosted opening I use for curtain wall strip glazing to cleanup the corners" and "a step by step tutorial on how to create families with swappable components".

Both of these I'll upload in the next two weeks or so. Hold me to that, if you don't see it in that time frame add your comments and abuse me and hopefully that will kick me into gear.

Its been great putting faces to so many of the people that have found my online contributions beneficial over the years.



Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, Thanks for coming over to NZ, ejoyed your presentation (Suckland).

Anonymous said...

Typo city, I'll try that again! Was mean't to read...

Hi Chris, Thanks for coming over to NZ, enjoyed your presentation (Auckland).

Chris said...

No Worries Robin,

I enjoyed the trip!

Suckland... Just as well you clarified that one. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I enjoyed your presentation in Auckland - thanks for coming...

I don't know if you heard at the conference but there's a new drawing manager for Revit under development - visit


for more information and a link to a free download of the product.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, Thanks for the presentation in NZ. I learned a lot during the day. In the conference it was mentioned that family templates should be preloaded with office standards.
To do this, rename the rft file extension to rfa, apply the various office standards and rename back to rft.

Chris said...

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for that. I was actually thinking of trying that after I said what I did. Just like Wes says "talk to yourself"!

Thanks for verifying that this will work.

For some of our client projects all the families require very specific templates because of the number of different shared parameters that are loaded for asset management.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I was at the Brisbane one.
You looked pretty nervous. Am I correct in that it was first presentation you have ever done in front of a large audience?
Either way you did a great job with great info. Well done!!
I wish I had the kahunas to do the same.

Chris said...

Yes, the Brisbane talk was my first one...

I got more relaxed at it the more I did - well I felt like I did anyway. Perth was definitely the easiest...

Thanks for the vote of confidence.