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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Customized Revit Families - Revit Content

Although I haven't downloaded this content, it looks to be fairly good quality if it all works as advertised. Although for some items they are overmodelling which may potentially cause issues on larger projects with the amount of detail that is being shown. One would hope they have set the models correctly with coarse, medium and fine displays and that the individual family sizes don't exceed 1MB each.

See for yourself.

We create your customized Revit Families - Welcome to Revit Content

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Zamir said...

The Content is pretty slim (Escalator 800kB and Travelator 600kB) and there is almost nothing that can't be adjusted. So everybody who needs a really correct Escalator or Travelator in their Project should have a close look at it. Don't forget, all the structural measuremens to support the Escalator to fit your Railing of the Floor Opening, etc. it needs a 100% correct Model of the Escalator and Travalator. The already anounced next Version should even support Auto-Level and pre-configured Models from Schindler, Thyssen, Otis and Kone. And there is a lot Support around these Families. Have a close look at the website.

Peter said...

I have downloaded the travelator and the escalator today (I really was curious...). Before I used the KONE3000 that you can find at Revitcity but I had the problem that this escalator was fix created with 30°. The family I have downloaded today supports various angles and there are two types (one 30° and one 35°) already set up. The Families are even smaller than some of my window families. Looks good so far. I am looking forward to this auto level .... and more Manufacturer Types would also be very nice.

Anonymous said...

Supports now a lot of Types from Otis. Schindler is coming soon. Thyssen-Krupp also... Next generation of the All-in-one-families shall even have a GUI for the parameters. "We are are currently developing the next Generation of our All-in-One Families which will come with its own graphical Interface to setup and adjust Families more efficiently. This next Generation will be released at the beginning of next Year and will be localised in various Revit languages.