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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Revit Referencing Sheets on View Tags

Do you use the Referencing Sheets parameter in your view tags?

If you do then I bet you've had times when you thought why on earth is Revit choosing to reference from some bizarre view instead of the one you want.

Well its really quite simple -

It uses the drawing sheet numbers to determine which view to back reference.

For instance, lets say you have a sheet set as per the following:

010 Site Plan
020 Existing Plan
030 Demolition Plan
040 General Arrangement Plan
050 Elevations
060 Sections


Now lets say you have your section and elevation markers turned on in all those views and they haven't had the "hide at scales coarser than" parameter assigned properly.

In this case your Elevations & sections would display their referencing sheet as 010. This is because when you are looking through the set its the first drawing you would come to (logical hey).

Now if we go to the Site Plan and turn off the sections/elevations or charge our "hide at scales coarser than" parameter so as to effectively turn them off in this view. Our sections and elevations are now magically updated to reference back to 030 (this is assuming that they are new construction phase sections and elevations). Again because its the first drawing you would see the markers when looking through the set.

If you're anything like me, I want mine to back reference to the General Arrangement Plan (040). So our dilemma is do we turn off the section & elevation markers in this view? (probably the obvious choice) or the alternative and probable wrong solution would be to adjust our set order so the general arrangement plan comes before the demolition plan in the set...

I look forward to a setting in Revit where we can override this behaviour in special instances. But understanding this may help you identify why sometimes a view is being referenced from a strange place.


I've also noticed some strange circumstances, usually when dependant views are involved where views reference back to a sheet that has the markers turned off. Hopefully this bug will be fixed or maybe it was just related to my file being corrupt?


Chad said...

We too would love to see some improvement in this area, like a selectable list of valid sheets. 99% of the time the Referencing Sheet parameter is not what we want.

One thing that doesn't work is if you use 'Hide in View' to hide a section. It is still considered 'on' the view, and won't skip to the next visible section mark on a different sheet.

Jim Robb said...

Another thing we are trying to get working is having the Referencing Sheet parameter have multiples, so say a section cut throught many stories of a bldg would show not only the first referencing sheet but all the other floor plans that contain that section. i.e., the first referencing sheet would be in the bubble, and the other sheets would be off to the side.

Jonas said...

If Revit at least would allow us to filter sections. We name our section for what they are used for ie Roof Section, Slab on Ground Section etc. If we could create a filter that could then be attached to a view template....problem solved... almost:)