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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Curtain Wall - Corner Cutouts

If you've ever tried using embedded curtain walls for strip glazing then I'm sure you've seen this situation at the corners...

That's right, the corner doesn't get cutout correctly...

Now, there are a few different ways to resolve this. My preference is to create a wall hosted generic model. Then I just create a void in that family, give it instance parameters for width, height, thickness etc... And finally use the cut geometry tool to tell the void to cut the host.

Now I can just load that family into my project place it in the offending wall, use the grips to adjust its size to fit the situation and then move it into place.

Too easy. Advantages? Well its a family so they can easily be filtered, they don't have a huge effect to your file size and its easy to adjust. Plus you can always select them and change them as needed.

For one I prepared earlier use this link:


I hope you find this helpful :)


Aaron said...

Why not just edit the profile of the "host" wall? I'd say that's easier.

Chris said...

I'd have to disagree.

1. Edited Profiles stuff up wall joins and as such I generally try to avoid them.

2. Edited Profiles effect performance worse than a family would.

3. Its slower if you need to make a change.

4. They make it difficult to change the length of wall etc when the end profile sketches have been unlocked from the reference planes...

But, its all personal preference. And this is the way I like to do things :)

John said...

I've had this problem _continuously_ in this job we're working on currently. But instead of curtain mullions, we've got embedded walls. I'd be thrilled if you've developed a "cure" for trimming embedded walls, man!

I don't understand how to use your "corner cutout" family, tho. Are you to use one for one wall and a second one for the other wall at the corner?

I don't think you were explicit enough in your description here, my friend (at least for this Revit n00b, anyway -- 2 months and counting! lol ) .. could you please elaborate on this?


Chris said...

Hi John,

Not a developer so can't really help there ;) As much as I'd like to! The only way to get around it without using this would be not to embed the curtain walls and actually start and stop your walls around the curtain walls.

There is only one cutout that cuts both walls of the corner. You need to make sure you place it on the correct wall that allows it to cut both. As you may have seen its an L shape so depending on which direction your corner is going you may need to flip it.


Matt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris said...

Hi Matt,

I assume you managed to figure it out?


Anonymous said...

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